World Coin Cufflinks on Amazon

World Coin Cufflinks on Amazon



As you are stopping by this website, we wanted to let you know that the majority of the Cufflinks and Pendants sold on are also available from our shops with Amazon in the US and the UK.


While expanding our shop it also gives customers to read reviews of our store and product on Amazon. We do not may for any reviews, customer just leave them and our Cufflinks can be purchased from this website or on Amazon. They cufflinks come from our workshop and they are all handmade and not manufactured by machine only.

We started making Cufflinks when the Euro was introduced and we thought it would be great to upcycle the currencies of the countries who moved to the Euro such as Ireland, France, Italy to name a few. We then expanded to add English coins, and then also the US 10 cent was added to the collection. We then began to make Cufflinks by year for Ireland, English and US coins which proved very popular due to the personalisation for birthdays and anniversaries.

The links to US Amazon are Here

For UK and European the link to UK Amazon is Here

For Irish shoppers its best to purchase from the website directly.


  • We have 100% satisfaction on all our orders
  • We use genuine Coins which are presented in a gift box


Thank you for stopping by.

The World Coin Cufflinks team