World Coin Cufflinks 2016

World Coin Cufflinks 2016


Thank you for stopping by. We have a fantastic 2015, the highlight was receiving an order to make a set of Cufflinks for the President of America, Barack Obama.

We are very excited at World Coin Cufflinks for 2016.  We continue with our 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee to all our customers, and every set of Cufflinks we sell come in a silver Cufflink presentation box.

Currently we have 20 countries listing on and we hope to be adding a few more. I like the look of the Cuban coins with the large stars, however as you are not allowed to remove the coins from the country they made be hard to find.

If you have any special requests, drop us a line and we would be delighted to get back to you.

All our orders are processed with 24 hours of receiving the order.