About Us

World Coin Cufflinks was set up to craft stylish handmade individual cufflinks from old and new coins to allow the wearer connect with the culture, heritage and identity of the coin and its country of origin. There are 6 billion people in the world with different connections to different countries and we wanted to make cufflinks for people who are proud of those connections, who want to demonstrate a link to their past, their ancestors or just simply to their own unique sense of identity.

Each country carefully chooses the symbols to be represented on their currency as a reflection of their nationality, their identity and culture. Coins are loved the world over not only for nostalgic reasons but also for the direct link to the nation they represent. Rather than resign the old coins to history forever we have collected, cleaned, shined and polished them into beautifully hand-crafted cufflinks to be enjoyed for years to come with our coin cufflinks. We also offer a range of contemporary coins from Europe, the USA and around the world which are similarly cleaned, shined and polished by hand into beautiful cufflinks from our workshop in Dublin, Ireland.

Choose our cufflinks as an ideal gift for someone who is proud of their cultural connections to compliment any stylish wardrobe. Associations, charities and clubs with cultural links find our ideal gifts for their members, if you are interested in gifting our cufflinks please check-out our corporate gift section. Ideal also for weddings, our cufflinks provide a piece of nostalgia for a very nostalgic day!

The website has been designed to best demonstrate the authenticity of the coins, with photographic close-ups of the cufflinks and to provide an easy shopping experience for our customers. Service is very important to us and we pride ourselves on offering exceptional personalized customer service with a very quick checkout process.

In a world of mass production  we believe our coin cufflinks transcend brands and provide a real and unique link to the wearer’s identity and sense of self.  Click on the photographs to get a closer picture of the quality of the cufflinks, and Thank you for shopping with us.