Rare Coins- Couple find $10 million in rare coins walking the dog

Rare Coins- Couple find $10 million in rare coins walking the dog

Rare Gold Coins

$10 Million find of rare coins



A fantastic story from Northern California about a couple who found $10 million dollars of rare coins while they were out walking the dog !

What made these gold coins was the fact they were in mint condition.  The find is one of the largest in the world with 1427 gold coins discovered. The face value of the actual gold is only $27,000, the fact they were rare coins, increases the value to $10 million.

The couple want to remain anonymous, as they do not want their new found fortune to change their lifestyle. They have no idea who hid the coins, all they know is whoever put the coins away did so very soon after they were minted, as they coins are in near perfect condition.

As paper money was illegal until the 1870’s most coins were in circulation and would have worn over time , it is extremely rare to find large amounts of gold coins with perfect definition which were not in general circulation.

The couple live in the abtly named ‘Gold Country’ and the coins were found along a path the couple walked each week. On the day the Woman found them, just was curious about a rusty old tin. Her husband told her not to be looking at rusting old metal. To their surprise the rusty metal tins contained well kept coins.

The couple intend on selling the coins on Amazon over time and donating money to local charities.

Right then…..where is that dog, we are off for a walk!


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