Cufflinks for the vice president of America

Cufflinks for the vice president of America

We were delighted at Birthday Cufflinks to receive a special order to make cufflinks for the Vice President of America Joe Biden. He is the 47th vice president and serves under President Barack Obama.

Below photograph of Joe Biden- Vice president with Barack Obama


The cufflinks we made were from 1942, the year he was born.


We were also asked to make a set of cufflinks for John Boehner, the speaker of the US House of Representatives. John was born in 1949, and the coins used for both John and Joe reflected the years they were born.


At Birthday Cufflinks you can choose the cufflinks by year made from genuine coins. We make cufflinks starting from 1928 to 2010.


Enjoy our website and cufflinks. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which reduces the risk to you. As we are based online, it reduces the cost of the cufflinks as well. All cufflinks come in a silver cufflink presentation box.