Cufflinks For Men- Who wears them ?

Cufflinks For Men- Who wears them ?

Updated 30th August 2016


When we look at Cufflinks for Men, we find that are 4 categories of buyers, and 65% of our buyers are women.


1) Wedding Cuff links

There is an old Wedding poem, ‘Something borrowed, Something blue…..and a silver sixpence in the shoe. Coins have long being associated with weddings, not only for their meaning associated with wealth, but they are a symbol of good health in the marriage as well. With our Cufflinks you do not have the pain of a coin in your shoe, you have the coin fitted into a beautiful set of Cufflinks.

2) Birthday Cuff links

As the year is on the coin, we had lots of request asking us for a specific year on the coin and making it into a set of cufflinks. We had so many Cufflinks requests by year, we set up separate website where you can order the cuff links by year. For Ireland for UK for USA and Canada

3) Work Cuff links

Many of our male buyers want to wear the cuff links to work. With programmes like Mad Men from the US and Downtown Abbey in the UK, Cuff links are back in style and so is retro fashion. The cuff links combine both of these and are a great link to the past.  Also in the past few years there has been a reduction in the number of people wearing ties to work in favour of an open collar shirt. As the ties were taken off, people began to look to style their dress in another way, by wearing cuff links.


4) Heritage Cuff links

Heritage, Culture, who you are and where you are from. These are some of the key reasons why people buy our cuff links, we have over 20 countries where you supply coin cuff links. In the majority of the cases, it could be someone living in a different country, and English person living in the US, and Irish person living in the UK. They want to demonstrate a link to the country in a low key manner and they want to wear something which has a huge personal meaning to them. Where their roots lie.


These are just some of the reasons we find people wear our cuff links.

All of our Cufflinks come in a silver presentation box which is included in the price.

We ship worldwide every day.