Updated 30th August 2016   When we look at Cufflinks for Men, we find that are 4 categories of buyers, and 65% of our buyers are women.   1) Wedding Cuff links There is an old Wedding poem, ‘Something borrowed, Something blue…..and a silver sixpence in the shoe. Coins have long being associated with weddings,… Read More

    We here at World Coin Cufflinks we make by hand a wide vairety of cufflinks, using coins from all over the world. Each set of cufflinks are also handpolished and come in a beautiful silver presentation box.   This makes our cufflinks the perfect gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, or… Read More

Updated 30th August 2016. We still have 100% positive feedback on our shops on ETSY and Amazon. We sell handmade coin Cufflinks for men and we wanted to provide you with feedback which we receive on the craft website  ETSY from people who have purchased out Cufflinks. We have 100% positive feedback on our Cufflinks with… Read More

Updated 30th August 2016 We sell out Cufflinks on ETSY on craft site, and one of the features of the site is the ability for customers to leave feedback. So far on the site we have 100% posative feedback, with no negative feedback in any of our Coin cufflinks transactions.   We have a 100% satisfaction… Read More

Updated August 2016 Here at World Coin Cufflinks we pride ourselves on the quality of our cufflinks.   Our unique cufflinks are handmade, and each coin we use is individually handpolished to ensure they look their best.   Our cufflinks make an ideal gift for not only birthdays, but also for a wide range of other occasions… Read More

Its been another few busy weeks here at World Coin Cufflinks from handmaking to handpolishing our unique cufflinks. It has also been a few busy weeks in the sporting world as the Men’s, Women’s and Doubles Wimbledon Tennis Championship came to an end over the weekend. The well known and extremely talented Roger Federer managed… Read More

Updated 30th August 2016   We just wanted to give you an update on our Cufflinks business. We last wrote in November and have been very busy since then. At the end of November we appeared on Irish Television on TV3, they had a section on emerging businesses and we were lucky enough to be… Read More

Hi, Thank you for stopping by World Coin Cufflinks, all of our cufflinks are handmade with love and affection. As we sell the Cufflinks online, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, which means that you can shop in the knowledge that there is no risk. As online shoppers we are… Read More

To confirm this is the main website of World Coin Cufflinks and we have a shop on ETSY under the same name at the following link https://www.etsy.com/shop/worldcoincufflinks   We are delighted to say we have had over 1000 sales and we have received 5 star feedback from our customers and we always love when the… Read More

Hi,   In June 2016 we updated the website for World Coin Cufflinks to make our sites more mobile friendly and to give them an overview. If this is your first time stopping by the site, firstly Thank you. We handmade Cufflinks from old coins, and we tumble wash and polish all the coins we… Read More