When we first started out with our Cufflinks business, we did so as a nod to the past currencies which each country had before they switched to the Euro.


Each country had proud symbols of their culture and heritage on their coins which has been there for decades. When all of the countries switched over to the Euro, the days of the french franc, Irish Punt, Italian Lire were gone.

What is interesting are the developments in Greece over the past few weeks has made the topic of Greece breaking away from the Euro back in the news. We have noticed that sales of our Greek 1 Cent Euro coins have actually increased. Previously we did not have many sales of these coins, however they are now becoming popular. For these cufflinks we only use mint coins and for that reason they are rare. While the chances of Greece returning to the drachma are slim there are economists who say it could happen if they default in 4 month’s time on their loans to the EU. Who knows if in the future the rare cufflinks we have are actually the EURO cufflinks.

For now we will watch, but it is interesting to see the effect of global economics and the knock on effect on our cufflink sales.

For now we have a limited edition of 30 sets, after that they are gone, available from www.worldcoincufflinks.com



Greek Euro Cufflinks

Mint Greek 1 Cent Cufflinks



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