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Updated August 2016

Here at World Coin Cufflinks we pride ourselves on the quality of our cufflinks.


Our unique cufflinks are handmade, and each coin we use is individually handpolished to ensure they look their best.


Our cufflinks make an ideal gift for not only birthdays, but also for a wide range of other occasions including anniversaries, graduations, and wedding gifts.


Moreover, if you are simply looking for a way to portray your personal interests with a unique fashion piece, then our cufflinks may be just what you are looking for. Perhaps you have or someone close to you has a strong interest in fishing or boats for example.

We have cufflinks that enable wearers to express their interests through our fashionable cufflinks. Our Irish 10p cufflinks depict the Irish Salmon, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. These cufflinks are a perfect gift for those with an interest in fishing.


Also, our Canadian 10 cents cufflinks may interest those who enjoy racing ships, and ships in general as they depict the Bluenose racing ship and fishing vessel which symbolises a strong work ethic.


Please enjoy browsing through our website and thank you for stopping by.


Irish Cufflinks

Irish Cufflinks


Canadian Coin Cufflinks

Canadian Coin Cufflinks

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