Bitcoin Cufflinks from World Coin Cufflinks

Bitcoin Cufflinks from World Coin Cufflinks


In 2017, Bitcoin was one of the 5 searched terms on Google and for fans of Cryptocurrencies we thought it was be a great conversation starter to make set of BitCoin Cufflinks.

While we have always dealt with physical coins and are the worlds largest maker of coin cufflinks, we thought it would be interesting to see the reaction to a set of coins based on the peer to peer technology behind bitcoin.


In May 2018 we added the Bitcoin cufflinks to our store on ETSY/Amazon and later in the summer to this website.


The feedback has been very positive and regardless of the price, shoppers from around the world have been buying the bitcoin cufflinks.


The Cufflinks come in a gold and silver plated range and bitcoin discs are inset into the Cufflinks case which is Rhodium plated and they are presented in a Cufflinks presentation box, a perfect gift for anyone lucky enough to get in at the early stage.


The Cufflinks are available here


Silver Bitcoin Cufflinks